Service Standards Progress

Access to General Medical Services

Service Standards progress as at Welshpool Medical Centre

What you can expect from us


Standard 1 Achieved

Appropriate telephony and call handling systems are in place which support the needs of callers and avoids the need for people to call back multiple times. Systems also provide analysis data to the practice.

  • A practice has a recording function for incoming and outgoing lines.
  • A practice has the ability to stack calls and are utilising this fully.
  • A practice can interrogate their phone systems and analyse the data provided.

Standard 2 Achieved

People receive a prompt response to their contact with a practice via telephone.

  • 90% of calls are answered within 2 minutes of the recorded message ending.
  • Less than 20% of calls are abandoned

Standard 3 Achieved

A practice has a recorded bilingual introductory message in place, which includes signposting to other local services and to emergency services for clearly id identified life threatening conditions.

  • A practice has a recorded bilingual introductory message that usually lasts no longer than 2 minutes.

Standard 4 Achieved

A practice has in place appropriate and accessible alternative methods of contact, including digital solutions such as SMS text messaging and email, as well as as face-to-face.

  • 25% of all pre-bookable appointments are bookable through a digital solution. This includes appointments with other healthcare professionals.
  • A practice offers access to repeat prescriptions through a digital solution.
  • A practice offers care homes access to repeat prescription ordering service through a digital solution.


Standard 5 Achieved

People are able to request a non-urgent consultation, including the option of a call back via email, subject to the necessary national governance
anarrangements being in place.

  • A practice is contactable via email for patients to request non-urgent appointments or prescriptions.
  • A practice has in place the necessary governance arrangements for this process, which could include standardised and bilingual auto-responses.

Standard 6 Achieved

People are able to access information on the different ways of requesting a consultation with a GP and other healthcare professionals. Practices will display infinformation relating to these standards.

  • A practices displays information on requesting a consultation in the surgery, in practice leaflets and on the practice website.
  • A practice publicises how people can request a consultation (urgent and routine).
  • A practice displays information on standards of access.

Standard 7 Achieved

People receive a timely, coordinated and clinically appropriate response to their needs.

  • Appropriate triaging (with relevant training undertaken) and appointment systems in place:
  • All children under 16 years of age with acute presentations are offered a same-day consultation.
  • People who are clinically triaged as requiring an urgent assessment are offered a same day consultation.
  • The offer of a pre-bookable consultation must be available and should routinely be within 2-3 weeks (could be up to 6 weeks in advance).
  • Active signposting for appropriate queries to alternative cluster based services, health board-wide and national services.

Standard 8 Achieved

All practices have a clear understanding of patient needs and demands within their practice and how these can be met.

  • An annual audit and subsequent plan to be discussed at cluster level and submitted to the health board.
  • Annual participation in the All Wales Patient Survey and reflection on findings. Discussion on findings and subsequent action plans to be held at a cluster level and shared with the health board.
  • A practice to undertake a demand and capacity audit on an annual basis. Findings are then to be considered. These will support the identification of how extended roles could support the delivery of care.
  • A practice participates in the annual All Wales Patient Survey and consider and act upon the findings.