Medication Delivery Issues

AFTERNOON CLOSURE - Protected Learning Time

Welshpool Medical Centre and our Guilsfield branch Surgery will be CLOSED on Tuesday 14th May 2024 from midday for a staff protected Learning Time session organised by Powys Teaching Health Board. Normal service will resume on Wednesday 15th May 2024 from 8.00am.

▪️If you require medical assistance during this time, please contact the out of hours service by dialling 01743 455 364.

▪️Telephone advice is available through NHS Direct on 0845 46 47.

▪️The Minor Injuries Unit at Welshpool Hospital will remain open.

▪️The Common Ailment Service at local pharmacies will be operating to provide FREE NHS CONFIDENTIAL advice and treatment on a range of common conditions.

Thank you.

Dear Patients

Dear Patients
We have noticed that some patients' personal information including name, address, mobile number and next of kin are not remaining up to date.   
We would like to remind you, that it is your responsibility to inform the practice promptly should there be any changes to your personal information, in order for us to communicate with you appropriately and accurately. This will help to ensure that confidentiality breaches do not occur.
The practice may at times send communications to you via a text message. 
If you would prefer not to receive these communications, please contact the practice to allow us to note your preference. You can change your preference at any time by ringing in or accessing our website link.
Thank you
Drs Russell, Kiel, Aslam, Vibhishanan, Kelly, Kingham and Hirons
Dear Patients
We are aware at times that our patients find it difficult to gain a routine appointment with a Doctor, Nurse or a Health Care Assistant within a certain timeframe.  Where such demand is unpredictable, this cannot be easily remedied.  One thing that make it even more difficult to overcome is the problem of our Did Not Attend Rates – Patients that book an appointment and don’t turn up, but don’t ring to cancel or let anyone know.
We do understand that mistakes happen and appointments can be forgotten about or overlooked.  
Please remember that if you do not attend an appointment, this may be another patients denied appointment.
Thank you for your time and hopeful co-operation with this matter
Welshpool Medical Centre
Mandatory Mask Wearing
Covid, Flu and other Respiratory infection rates are increasing in the local area. This is why we are having to re-introduce mandatory mask wearing for our patients and visitors coming into Welshpool Medical Pratice and Guilsfield Surgery, unless medically exempt. We must try and keep each other safe and well. Thank you for your hopeful co-operation. 
Drs Russell, Kiel, Aslam, Vibhishanan, Kelly, Kingham and Hirons


If you have any comments or complaints about Welshpool Medical Practice and Guilsfield Surgery please write into the Practice Manager.


DO NOT USE social media sites, Facebook or Twitter.


Any comments seen by Drs Russell, Kiel, Aslam, Vibhishanan, Kelly, Kingham and Hirons on any social media site may be viewed as a breach of our Zero Tolerance Policy.


We are happy to deal with your comments via our Complaints Procedure.

zero tolerance

Zero Tolerance


Access & Facilities

Welshpool is our main surgery and holds the majority of our facilities although our branch surgery in Guilsfield has a well equipped consulting room. Both surgeries offer routine doctor’s appointments to patients within their respective area.

Both surgeries allow easy access for disabled patients.

Both surgeries have dispensaries where patients who live more than 1 mile away from a chemist can collect their medication.


Signposting To Other Services

There are some conditions which are better to be assessed and treated by other professionals in the community. For example, our staff may direct you to an Optician for urgent eye care issues, Dentist for any dentistry related problems or Pharmacist who are able to give free NHS advice and treatment for 27 common ailments such as back pain, diarrhoea, mouth ulcers and sore throats.

Often, these professionals can see you at an earlier time than waiting to be seen at the Surgery, or have specialist equipment that is not available at the Practice.

By signposting patients with certain conditions to other, more appropriate services, we hope to be able to provide better access to our services for those who need them.

Parents Listening Events

Parent Listening Events

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