5th Apr

Powys Community Health Council Newsletter

Powys Community Health Council Newsletter

"A key part of our role is to visit local health services to hear from patients and carers about their experiences. We have not been able to carry out any physical visits since March 2020. In recent months, we have worked closely with Powys Teaching Health Board to find a way to safely hear from people whilst they are in hospital. We are piloting some digital visits where patients can speak to one of our volunteer members over a video call. Our members ask questions about the hospital stay, to find out whether patients are comfortable, whether they feel listened to and involved in their care, the quality of food, and how easy it is to communicate with loved ones during their hospital stay. We've had challenges with these visits, such as problems with internet connection. However, they more visits we undertake, the more we are becoming streamlines with the process."

If you are a relative of someone who is currently, or has recently been in Hospital and you wish to share your experience you can do so by emailing Powys CHC on 

Use the Powys Community Health Council survey to tell us about:

  • Your experience of care and/or treatment - it can be good or bad
  • How your care and/or treatment has been affected by this emergency and how you feel about this.
  • Any suggestions you may have on how the NHS in Wales could do things differently to try to re-establish health services.

To complete our survey, please follow the link here: CHC Survey link

5th Apr

Covid19 Testing Requirements

We continue to work under the guidance of Powys Teaching Health Board.

A number of patients are calling the surgery for appointments with COVID19 symptoms who are either not testing or relying on lateral flow tests alone or feel that their cough "isn't due to Covid". 

Please remember that if you have symptoms of COVID19 then YOU must organise a PCR test.
Please can we ask our patients not to shout or argue with the Practice Team when they are suggesting getting a PCR test.

Two testing stations are available at Newtown and also Gungrog Road, Welshpool. Both subject to availability.

As well as the three most common symptoms of Covid-19 - a fever, a new continuous cough, or a loss/change of taste and smell - people are now able to get a test if they have any of a new list of other symptoms too including fatigue, myalgia (muscle ache or pain), a sore throat, a headache, sneezing, a runny nose, a loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhoea and we request that patients get a PCR test BEFORE contacting the Medical Centre.

If all patients with a cough arranged a PCR test promptly,  it will enable us to see and treat you more efficiently as well as protect other vulnerable patients both within the practice setting and the wider community. 

Tests can be arranged by contacting 119, or you can contact a testing centre direct. For further information or to BOOK TESTS ONLINE please follow the link to the Welsh Government website,

Thank you in advance of your time and co-operstion with this matter.
Drs Russell, Kiel, Aslam, Vibhishanan, Kelly, Kingham & Hirons