Pam James

Pharmacy Technician

Aamir Zafar

Community Nurses

Welshpool district nurses have an office located inside Welshpool Medical centre. They have access to our well equipped treatment rooms and often offer care within the practice. They also provide care in patients’ own home where this is necessary.

For more information about the district nurses please make an enquiry at the medical centre reception desk or contact them direct on 01938 558 829

Sister Jane Williams (f)
Sister Linda Beddoe (f)
Sara Walsh (f)
Caroline Sherwood (f)
Sister Julie Williams (f)
Sister Gwenan Jones (f)
Sister Lauren Blackburn (f)

Health Visitors

Mrs Tracey Barr

Mrs Tracey Bond

The Health Visitors are based in the Health Clinic at the far end of the building, and before training as health visitors have to be fully trained nurses with additional experience in midwifery. The health visitors can offer health promotion and support to all patients registered with the practice. Any topic is appropriate. They work closely with us, especially in the childhood immunisation programme and care of the elderly. You can contact them either direct on 01938 555 137.

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